Individual Art Therapy

Opal & Sage offers individual art therapy and counseling services that are person-centered and strengths-based. This is especially useful for clients who prefer a private, focused, and individualized therapeutic experience. Individual art therapy can be beneficial to those that are experiencing difficult life transitions or emotional pain (e.g. grief/loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, or illness). It is also a beneficial and adaptive modality for individuals who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally or who require a significant amount of one-to-one support to engage in activities. Art Therapy serves as a unique way to work through and cope with difficult times.

Group Art Therapy

In addition to work with individuals, I offer art therapy to couples, families, and groups of up to 8 participants. Groups are, by nature, relational and dynamic. Art is sometimes made individually and followed by sharing/processing within a group discussion. Other times there is more of a collaborative art-making process among group members. In some cases a group is focused around a theme and members come together with the intention of exploring a specific issue or challenge. Group work often helps participants build a sense of belonging and community, improve interpersonal skills, and gain new perspectives. Workshops and trainings are also available.

Home Visits

Opal & Sage provides mobile services, bringing art therapy sessions into homes, residential facilities, adult foster homes, adult day programs, and other diverse locations throughout the Portland Metro area. I wish to make art therapy accessible and convenient, especially for those who have difficulty traveling to office visits due to illness, disability, or transportation issues. Often, when therapy occurs in one’s home or center of care, the added sense of comfort allows progress and healing to occur more readily. Sessions are also available at my office/art studio, which is located in inner SE Portland.

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